Our volunteering program consists in:

    • Recruitment and selection of persons interested to become our volunteers
    • Training of the volunteers
    • Supervision of the activities by the volunteers’ coordinator
    • Guidance and involvement of the volunteers in the projects and programmes of the Everest Association

    If you are interested in getting involved in our activities, send us a message to the following e-mail addresses:

  • 2% Campaign

    The system 2% allows the contributors that are physical persons and not companies to direct 2% of their income tax to an organization or to a nonprofit association. It is a system that allows citizens to decide directly what happens with a part of their tax.
    In order to direct 2% of the yearly income tax to a nonprofit entity, the contributor should fill in the Form 230 – Request concerning the destination of the amount representing till 2% of the yearly income tax (download here). The persons that earn other incomes excepting for the salaries will fill in the Form 200 – Special declaration concerning the incomes gained (download here), and all the chapters corresponding to the type of income earned, including chapter III, the destination of the amount representing 2% of the yearly income tax that is due.
    The Everest Association will use the money thus obtained for the information and awareness campaigns concerning the effects of the domestic violence and of drugs and alcohol addiction.
    The identification data of the Everest Association that you need to fill in on the form 230 are the following:

    Everest Association

    Fiscal registration code: 27393076
    Bank account: RO32 BTRL 0240 1202 W584 29XX
    registered at Transilvania Bank Iaşi

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